Back in June of 2009 we reported a bug in the Android Market in a post titled Problems with Android Market? The problem? For some users ShopSavvy was missing from the market. The users who were specifically looking for ShopSavvy would email us and let us know about the problem. The users who were simply looking for an app like ShopSavvy wouldn’t know they could email us because they never knew our app existed. Our contacts at Google let us know that this bug would be fixed when they released Android 2.1. We can attest (according to our users) that the bug has NOT been fixed. Other apps like Qik have seen the same problem. Sarah Perez noted this bug in a post today titled, “Updated Applications Disappearing from Android Market“.


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  1. The problem still appears for many developers.
    Luckily my app is ok. Better Contacts ( Though it was MIA for a couple of days.
    Hope Google gets there act together.
    Scott STEPHEN

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