Gameloft Android Misdirection

Reuters reported that Gameloft was “cutting back investment in developing games” for the Android platform.  Alexandre de Rochefort said, “We have significantly cut our investment in Android platform, just like … many others”.  Really Alexandre?  Is that the issue?  How many titles did Gameloft distribute via Android?  I would contend they built very few.  Gameloft suggested they were selling 400 times the number of games on iPhone than on Android, but they fail to mention they have more than 400% more titles on iPhone than Android.  I have no idea if Gameloft should build Android games, but they aren’t telling the whole truth here.  Ironically, this is the EXACT moment when developers should be focusing on Android development.  Why?  Because Android is no longer just a T-Mobile platform – Verizon, Sprint, A&TT and EVERY major European carrier have or are about to launch one or more Android phones.  Android is going to be huge – there is no getting around that fact.  Tell the truth Gameloft.  Take a look at Gameloft’s website.  Where are the Android games?  I don’t see any…  :)

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  1. Ryan says:

    Good post. I totally agree and was pissed when I heard they publicized this. Another thing they didn’t mention was the current iPhone users vs. Android users – of course you’ll sell more to iPhone.

  2. Jens says:

    At least when you look at AdMob’s usage statistics (not a perfect indicator, but probably fairly representative) at , there are about 4x as many iPhones as Android phones, which already changes the picture quite a bit.

    I’m not sure what exactly Gameloft hope to achieve with publishing these numbers, but there are such huge gaps in the picture they’re painting that they just end up looking a bit silly.

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