Updated: GPS and Battery Life on G1

Our contacts at Google provided some information a few weeks ago RE how the GPS on the G1 doesn’t impact battery life. Several pretty informed people explained that the information we had was wrong. I tried to get to the bottom of it and here is what we learned (I am still waiting on more details):

  • The GPS ont he G1 is passive (it doesn’t transmit).  ~ obviously…
  • Most of the power draw is just running the chip. ~ makes sense…
  • The GPS is running in the ‘radio baseband’ so its draw is incremental, i.e. not significant.


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  1. BobbyP says:

    I remember seeing your post and turning my GPS back on for latitude. After the new update, the location sources clearly says gps “requires more battery”.

    Im almost convinced its time to get one of those 2x batteries with the new back cover.

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