Carriers looking to Android for data revenue

Matthaus Krzykowski from VentureBeat has a story titled, “Carriers begin to believe in data revenue, as Android’s puzzle pieces come together.“  According to Matthaus, data revenue has increased more than 100% as a percentage of total carrier revenue over the last two quarters (data revenue represents 20% of all carrier revenue).  Our hero here at Big in Japan, Robert Dotson (CEO of T-Mobile) suggested that,

“some stewardship and control” is needed to ensure good quality for customers. He argued that “a wild west” for developers does not provide good quality for customers. There has been a debate on how open the new T-Mobile app store will be, and now it appears that T-Mobile has chosen to have some level of control on its app store. Datson, however, declared the “walled garden” — where carriers selected a few apps to be featured on devices — to be a thing of “the past.” He believes carriers can shape a mobile web future they can live in.

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